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It’s no secret that our profession is buckling under the weight of stress, anxiety, substance use, and depression. But we’re all in this together, and our colleagues are suffering. Let’s end lawyer suicide, destigmatize mental health challenges, and promote wellness in our profession. Read on to learn how to find balance in your life and practice, identify the warning signs in yourself and others, and create a culture of wellness in your workplace.

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Dealing with Stress
as a Law Student
Sofia Chapman is in charge of mental health support for law students attending Texas Tech University School of Law. She sees the stress, anxiety and sometimes depression that can affect new law students.
Suicide Prevention
Kyrie’s husband, Ryan, graduated at the top of his class, got his dream job, and was suddenly overwhelmed by his new position in corporate law.
Suicide Prevention
Terry's husband was the youngest elected District Attorney in the State of Texas. He was charismatic, smart, and a gifted communicator. He also was an alcoholic which eventually led to suicide.
Out of stress through meditation
Danielle is the Executive Director of the Hines Center for Spirituality in Houston, Texas. She is helping lawyers and professionals alleviate stress and become more mentally and spiritually healthy.
From suicidal thoughts to healthy
Chris is the Director of the Texas Lawyers Assistance Program. He knows first hand about suicidal thoughts, and the steps to take to find a healthy, happy, meaningful life.
Finding your healthy place
away from work
Eduardo has found exercise to be a great way to release the stress from work and reset his mind so he can start fresh every day.
Everything was not ok
a suicide attempt
Erica Grigg knows all too well the stresses of being a lawyer. It almost cost her life until she reached out for help.
Discusses finding your
“Rock Middle”
Lawyer and author Sallie Holder has become an advocate for people who are stuck neutral and has great advice for to create the change you envision.
A spiral into addiction
Brian had a law practice and and penchant for alcohol and drugs. His decent into addiction put him flat on his back, but he could see a way out - step by step.
The intensities of
law school and interviewing
Reggie discusses the pressures and stress of going through law school and the competitiveness of vying for a job after graduation.
Bob tells his story of
This is a hard-hitting, let’s get honest story about Bob Nebb’s alcoholism. Luckily, it ends with him becoming a “free man.”
Discusses calming your mind
from its endless chatter.
Danielle is the Marketing Communications Director of the Hines Center for Spirituality in Houston, Texas. She discovered the multi-benefits of calming one’s mind with meditation and mindfulness.
Depression became so much
it forced a call for help
Russell Shrauner is a lawyer that suffered from depression. With a simple phone call to a physician, he realized that therapy and medication made life manageable.