Mary Claire Haver, MD
Creator of The Galveston Diet
We have now learned the way to fight stress and chronic inflammation in the body, is not through pills or medicine, but through diet and nutrition.

Eating healthy can be daunting and sometimes feel impossible. “I don’t have enough time” or “I’m just too busy” are common thoughts. Professionals, especially lawyers have a hefty to-do list on a daily basis. From going to hearings, answering emails, meeting with clients, preparing pleadings, the task list could go on and on. Finding a healthy meal or snack can easily fall to the wayside. Good news, healthy eating can just as easily be brought back with just a few helpful tips. Your law practice will thank you for following these healthy tips!


To help you stay focused throughout the workday, start with a healthy breakfast in the morning. Eating breakfast can help curb the temptation of reaching for donut or pastry. Even if breakfast is not your thing, something small can set you up for a productive and successful day. For example, a bowl of whole grain cereal with fruit or an egg. Even a turkey bacon, egg and spinach wrap can help.

In the office:

When you know a long day in the office is ahead of you, plan ahead and pack your lunch and snacks either the night before or in the morning. Make sure you include a protein, a vegetable, and whole grains. An idea for a quick lunch could be as simple as taco salad in a jar. Start with lean ground meat in the bottom of a mason jar, then a layer of black beans, corn, sliced spinach, brown rice and tomatoes on top. For the 2pm slump, make sure you have healthy snack options on hand to get you through the rest of your office day. Consider bringing a fruit and protein to snack on such as apple and peanut butter or a handful of unsalted mixed nuts to help you power through.

On the road:

Sometimes eating out may be your only option. Look to the MyPlate to help you build a healthier plate at restaurants. Consider making healthier swaps, such as a salad or extra vegetables instead of fries. Ask for dressings on the side and try unsweet tea or water instead of sweetened drinks.

General Tips:
  • Drink water throughout the day. Not only is adequate hydration necessary for your body to function properly, drinking plenty of water throughout the day can decrease cravings and senses of hunger.
  • Practice mindful eating. Ask yourself “Am I really hungry?” Avoid distractions during meals, slow down, savour each bite and take notice on how your body feels and stop eating when you feel satisfied. You are always in control of how much you put into your mouth.
  • Drink alcohol in moderation. Happy hour drinks can add a significant amount of calories to your diet. To cut back on extra calories, consider ordering a smaller portion or ask for low calorie mixers. This could be a small glass of wine or mixing spirits with seltzer water.